Below are various testimonials and success stories from some of our clients.

Leanne Stone

"Where do I begin with DSC? I can only describe DSC as the best gym I have ever been a part of. Have you ever found a job, a restaurant or a bar that you love? Well DSC is a gym I have fell in love with! Long gone are the days where I would drag myself to a gym or fitness studio and feel completely tortured. Walking out feeling sick and shaking from all the cardio and jumping around that I would do for a full hour. To add to this, I would get little or no results from it. All because I would never commit to it long term as I hated the program and would not receive proper nutrition advice from the trainers.

I have finally found a gym that can provide me with a training and nutrition program that I can enjoy and get real results from. The culture the guys have created at DSC is like no other. The time and effort put into their clients is more than anyone could ask for. 10 months later, as a client my goals have not been forgotten about. In fact, I am reminded of them more from the trainers then I remind myself! (Graham Norton I am referring to you!) Since I joined DSC approximately 10 months ago I have lost over 2 stone, my health is better than ever and above all, I am happy with my new lifestyle.

Big shout out to all the trainers and members that make this gym a great one!"

Aaron O Grady

"I've been in many types of gyms from body building orientated to crossfit to normal everyday commercial gyms. I've now found a gym that focuses on strength and conditioning and clients health that's sustainable. The focus on form has vastly improved my ability and strength for improved performance.

The trainers are friendly, focused and great craic.Its never boring and the music is mad..."

Shauna O Brien

"First photo was back 3 years ago when I was obsessed with being ‘skinny’ and trying my hardest to keep my weight down to 50kg or less , doing shit loads of cardio and eating bare minimum foods to try keep my weight down.

The next two photos are of me tonight after a double session at Dublin Strength and Conditioning, since the first photo I’ve put on over 10kg. Majority of which is muscle from the specific strength training my coaches have me doing.

I started strength training in DSC about a year and a half ago and the difference it’s made to my daily life is unbelievable.

I have so much more energy, I’m much stronger, my mental health has improved and my diet has definitely got better. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy all my favorite foods like everybody else , but I train hard to maintain and keep a balance in my day to day life."

Karen Keating

"Great place to train coaches are top notch and really know their stuff. Great vibe from everyone who trains there too. Couldn't recommend it enough really friendly place and loads of different training times to make it easy get your sessions done."

Shauna Maxwell

"Absolutely love this gym. They educate you about lifting properly and have extensive knowledge and skills throughtout the team of workers. They are patient and attentive to detail and really know what they are talking about. I would highly recommend people."

Conor O Shea

"Been a member for 2 years now.

By far the best gym I've ever been in. I've tried 4 others and never stuck with them, got bored of just going in and running on a treadmill.

DSC is by far the best. The personal element, the approachable trainers, the other members, the individual programmes. I can't recommend DSC highly enough."


“Working with James and the gang at Dublin Strength and Conditioning is a joy. They constantly provide feedback to help Jymmi grow.

Frank Egan

CEO, Jymmi